04 May

Pantrinis Whitley Bay

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Tho’ Shall Have a Fishy…

Harking a new era in design and heralding a new dawn in operation…Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the 21st Century Fish and Chip Shop has arrived!

Lee Taylor bought the family fish and chip business from his parents and sought to use his marketing and economic degrees to develop a chain using a more contemporary approach.

The brief… appeal to the younger generations without alienating the older, something modern with a traditional feel, an image iconic and simple enough to translate across the chain… Simples!

We started with the brand image and developed a scheme from the colours. Using a simple series of coloured stripes, leaning heavily on the dubbed “Pantrinis Yellow”, we created a cost effective scheme. Oak was used to hard wearing areas, with the stripe design integrated within.

To ensure each unit was adopted by the locals, targeted digital prints in black and white highlighting local attractions or people were integrated into the wall design. Framed family photos reinforce this approach.

With 3 more units in the offing, we look forward to be a part of the team spearheading a revolution in attitude to a staple English Dish.

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